Day 1 Contd – Running Club

So I had said I’d help lead the fast group at our usual Monday running club so I thought I’d run there and see how I felt. It’s 2.6 miles to the meeting pint and I was trying run under 135 Heartrate but that went out the window and I ran to feel which ended up being a 10:40 mile or two. 
I arrived and found two other leaders anyway (official ones I’m just a little faster so get picked now and again) and people who could certainly run as fast as me and then I found out we were doing 6 miles at least… Quick calculations in my head was at least an 11 mile journey after running in, running, then running home and I’m thinking “maybe not”, I’ve got an important day off tomorrow (explain later) so need to rest and get some relaxation in after my 4 days 4 marathons! (Last time I mention it honest) 

So I “ragged” it home and had some homemade steak burgers and a snickers as my last carbs for a week now I’m not running. 

Here’s a link to some of my last 4 marathons the last 4 days and some pics of the medals and stuff. 

Punk Run Sunday
Darnley Challenge Saturday
F1 Challenge Friday
Olympic Challenge Thursday


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