Day 1

After finishing a 4 marathons in 4 days yesterday I thought I’d start a blog about my running thanks to my wife’s suggestion. I experiment a lot with my running style, nutrition, training, gear and recovery so hopefully some of what I write might be of use to someone out there. I’m a 45 year old British male who’s first marathon was May 2015, yesterday was my 27th though technically in that list is a few 30+ milers, a 50 miler and a 100 miler so more of a 26.2 + marathon list. Most of what I run is trail as I find it more interesting and varied and better on the soles of the feet. I try to practice a low carb high fat healthy diet and on race day try to keep the bad carbs low but usually can finish a marathon on 3 Clif bars and 2 bottles of Lucozade sport. I did my 50 miler on almonds, goji berries and omega mix for the first 35 miles then crashed mentally until I got some watermelon down me which helped me finish the last 15 in 8:41. I ditched true low/ no carb race day idea right after that. This last 4 days I’ve been recovering with homemade steak burgers each day and about 150g of carbs and was fine each day. In fact the only issues I had were two blisters I got for wearing brand new trainers on day 2 which was 28 degrees and humid so I suppose it’s my own fault. I quickly changed back to my old 350+ mile Brooks Ghost 8s for the last two with heavily zinc taped blisters and I was fine. I’m not saying they don’t/ didn’t hurt a little but the pain subsides after a while when I’m concentrating on my running and pace. The last two marathons I did were as a guide for a blind runner on pretty technical trails so that was a massive learning curve for both of us but we survived to run another day and, more importantly, we never came last. So this is my part race report/ part training log which I’ll fill each day with reports on my nutrition/ training etc and I can look back and see how I’m doing. I’m aiming for 100 marathons by 2018 and then longer and longer ultras in the near future. Watch this space.


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