Day 2

Let’s talk nutrition a little. Today I’m back to fat burning for a while so here’s breakfast. It’s 4 eggs (all four had double yolks which was fortunate), 4 chestnut mushrooms, 1 tbs coconut oil, 5 spring onions, 4 rashers decent bacon (no dextrose-check your ingredients), large chilli pepper, torn basil and some coriander, black pepper and sea salt flakes. Served with a side of my own chilli sauce which is cayenne pepper and turmeric mixed in water and a little lime juice. Delicious.

About 2 hours afterwards I had about 200g of full fat Greek yoghurt (the real stuff) with 10g crumbled walnuts and 10g crumbled pecans and 13g of organic peanut butter. Gorgeous. Oh and I always have one Brazil nut every day- must have that selenium.

Don’t worry I don’t measure everything I eat, I have basically learnt what amount of nuts and most ingredients add up to and add it to Myfitnesspal I’ve been doing this all year to get a decent idea of my nutritional needs before and after running.

I’m trying to equate my macronutrients to 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbohydrates. If I go over an hour run I’ll add an extra 50g of carbs like a banana or some lentils or frozen blueberries in Greek yoghurt. It’s a good way to eat!

I’m currently on a train to London visiting friends so I’m getting to do one of my favourite things which is walking. It’s exactly 1 mile to the train station here and then about 2 miles to where I’m going from the train station in London so I should have a nice round 6 mile brisk walk for my legs- everything is training! I used to measure them on Strava but that became tedious so now it’s tracked as steps on my lovely shiny Garmin Fenix 3 HR.

Coming home later I’ll either have feta cheese salad or stir fry with egg & chorizo. All this equates to under 2000 calories a day which is how I like to keep it or I’ll put weight on. One great reason I like running is that I LOVE FOOD

As you can clearly see last Thursday after the first of my 4 marathons that week- carbing up I say! Running keeps me from weighing another two stone heavier I reckon.

Strange though it is to start a blog called Jakeruns and then announce you’re not running for a while but I’ve been reading about periodisation so I’m having a month off serious training and cross training instead. This will be easy as I’ve got a very busy two weeks at work setting up for a major festival (I’m a technical manager in an arts complex) then my lovely wife and I are off to Disneyworld’s Saratoga Springs which has an amazing 24 hour gym to train in, so not only walking mile after mile every day I can cross train on all the lastest gym equipment to further strengthen my running. Of course I’ll be running a little, just not a lot- I can’t stop completely!

Next marathon is Roald Dahl Challenge on September 15th closely followed by the Beerathon on the 17th! Can’t wait.


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