Day 3

So my blisters have healed thanks to zinc tape and my favourite cream Sudocrem– not bad as my last marathon was Sunday. I am meant to entering a time of periodisation but I might go for a 30 miler next Wednesday to test some nutrition strategy I have. I think I’m eating too many Clif bars and think I might be able to get by on 1.5 per marathon instead of 3. I’ll let you know. 

My legs feel good now with no DOMS or aching. I still feel a little tired and weaker than usual so it’s good I’m not running for a while. Determined to have a lie in at least one day next week! 

I haven’t been hungry the last few days either. I had my large omelette for breakfast then usual yoghurt then I’ve had nothing since about 12 today and I’m still not hungry. Maybe the fat burning has kicked in earlier than usual. 

Found it really weird earlier when walking downhill to get my car I automatically started speeding up, need to remember I don’t need to  run the downhills at work. Until later. 


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