Day 4

So there I was yesterday saying I don’t ache or anything and today my toes and arches have been twingeing all day! Also I never ate when I got in yesterday and only ate at about 11:30 this morning so a full 24 hour intermittent fast but I wasn’t hungry so never ate. I’ve just eaten stir fry with two eggs and some Greek yoghurt after so about 1800 calories today maybe. I hope my appetite comes back soon, it must be delayed recovery or something to do with the marathons on the weekend because I usually have a massive appetite. 

I’ve also been very very tired which I put down to not having a day “off” for a long time then running 4 back to back marathons and carrying in at work! Will try sleep in next Wedneday honest. 

Also today I bought the domain names and so my email is now hello@ any of those if you want to discuss anything. 

Pretty gutted that I couldn’t get the Twitter handle I wanted – jakeruns1 doesn’t rock my boat I don’t know about you? So I’m @jakerunsfar on Twitter. Instagram didn’t have anything I like so I’m not bothering with it again like I have in my real world. Might set up a Facebook later if I’ve time. Time is everything in this life. 

I’ve been thinking more about my running aims and I’m going to aim for sub 3:30 marathon by the end of the year and a sub 3:15 by end of 2017. There it’s now in print, I’ve said it. 

Someone remind me- I have got a marathon on 31st December so there’s always the last minute chance- it’s a day and a night one but my wife won’t let me do both as we’re doing the Dopey Challenge in January! Au revoir. 


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