Day 5

My days aren’t consecutive- just saying. Today I had a lie in! Got up at 9am! Now having a strong black coffee and not feeling guilty about deliberately missing Parkrun as I have been tired all week which is very unusual. My legs are feeling heavy and still a little achey but nothing major. I’m not missing having a run which is a good thing though I am really looking forward to my 30 miler next Wednesday! I’m going to try some new nutrition from a British company called 33Shake which is basically chia seeds and natural salt etc and his seems like a good time to try it. I’m love my Clif bars but I actually put on 4 pound last week whilst running 4 marathons so I think I’m eating too much whilst running and the 33Shake chia gels are half the calories of a Clif bar and less sugar too. Wouldn’t like to try them in a race hence my long “training” run. 

It will be my first long run that doesn’t end in a medal! Last May I ran 26.3 miles just to see if I could do a marathon and since then I’ve not exceeded 26.2 without getting a medal!

Exciting times are ahead as by this time next week two things will have happened: 1- I’ll have made a decision over my running career and the next year of racing and 2- I’ll be one day from Florida!

Get it done. 


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