Day 6

Bit of a cut and paste copy of my FB post but thought it would sit nicely here. 

As I’m useless on Facebook I can’t find the post about “what’s your favourite medal” so I thought I’d post this anyway. My first ever marathon was last year on 3rd April 2015. I’d signed up for the SVN Viking Coastal in June but never run one so, being me, I ran 26.3 just to see if I could and my gorgeous wife Sarah Taylor made me a medal. I did ring her at 26.31 miles and ask her to pick me up 🙂 Viking Coastal I did in 4:10 so all was fine but this was a massive defining moment for me and this medal means more than any I have got since. I’m only on 27 marathons since then so not that many… Now I’ve set myself a task of a sub 3 hr marathon by end of next year maybe I should take a deep breath and go lie down. My wife is ace. 


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