30 Miles

So today I decided to run a 30 miler even though  meant to not be running, I wanted to give my Brooks Ghost 8 trainers a good send off even though I’ve only had them since 25th June! 

Here’s my Strava results. 

I slowed down twice for a hill there and back at 10 miles and another confession is I stopped and took a breather about 20 times in the run. It was so hot I was going to break so the time is not a real time. I set off at 6:05am and got back dead on 12:00pm so I took 5.55 hours for the run. For some reason I stopped my Garmin the first time I stopped so had to keep doing it to be consistent. 

On the last 7 miles I had to stop after every mile to take 30 seconds to get my breath back it was so hot.

Anyway to my nutrition experiment:

It all went wrong. I was using 33shake chia gels for the first time and here’s how I consumed them:

1 hr= 1 gel

1:30 hr = 1 gel

2:15 hr = 1 gel

2:51 hr = Clif bar in desperation

3:30 hr = 1 gel

4:10 hr = Clif bar to get me home

It may have been hot and everything but I was useless. I did a marathon the other day in 4:27 (slow but hot) in 28 degrees on Clif bars so I’m used to this but the 33shake gels did nothing. Nothing at all. I think if I had maybe had one every 30 minutes I may have been fine but an hour after I had my Clif bar I was running a good mile and everything before then was awful. I had to stop (pause my watch) and eat another Clif bar to finish at 4 miles out. The 33shake gels are £1.70 each as Clif bars are about£1.10 and I do a marathon with 3. 

I drank about 4 litres of water (took my Camelbak 2L backpack) which saved me! And some salted water about 340ml.

I’m going to try Tailwind nutrition next and see how I feel. It’s got many of my friend through some good times. 

Back to the run it might have been the heat but I found it hard to keep to my 9 min mile pace. I decided at 17 miles to go 10 min mile and then went slower. Remember I was resting at least 30 secs to a min every mile from mile 11 so a bad performance but totally affected by the heat I think. 

Here’s to cooler days. 


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