30 Miles Updated

So I forgot a few things on my report, here they are. 

I decided, purely on vanity reasons, (I wanted a tan) to not wear my superb Nike Dri Fit cap

Pictures above at a jaunty angle (I had no idea).

This was A BIG MISTAKE! As it set off at 6:05AM the relentless sun was in my face for 15 miles. My eyes started to sweat and I had to keep wiping them carefully (to not wipe off my P20 sunscreen). This meant at one point I was running a 9 min mile with my right eye closed as it was streaming so bad- luckily no one was about as I would’ve looked a right state. It did get to the point where I was desperately looking for shade but I was running into the sun on a coastal path so no chance there! 

I have now vowed to never leave the house without my cap and I’m going to purchase these amazingly inexpensive Xloop sunglasses for running or something like the one shown. If they break I buy some more. 

I gave up buying expensive sunglasses when I bought some beautiful Raybans in Edinburgh (during the festival in 2010) and washed them in the washing machine then left them in a Wetherspoons in Manchester.

We live and learn. 


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