Been Running

So I know I’m meant to be on a periodisation month but it’s so nice here I’ve been doing a few runs since running with my wife. 

Second One was a lovely 10 miler round our residences yesterday before me and my wife celebrated her birthday in many places and I ate a very large peanut butter layer cake

This morning it was a little wet so I decided to use the well equipped gym facilities here to do another 10 miles inside. 

It was so hot in the gym I was utterly soaked by the time I left. I think it has air conditioning but by soaked I mean I wrung out my top when I got in! I was wearing my new RunDisney top too 

The “follow your darkside one” middle left in the picture which performed great in the circumstances. 

It was strange to run on a treadmill but easy enough once I’d zoned out of the room and concentrated on my running and pace. My Garmin HR didn’t quite replicate the speed I was doing as I was on a 8:30 (per mile) pace after 4 miles and I upped it to 7:30 on the last mile and I know I as running it as I kept watch on the treadmill. Nevertheless I had an amazing run but I think next time I’ll take my podcast list and learn whilst running!

Tomorrow I’m being sensible and not running but I may do a little cross training instead on that dreaded cross training machine. 


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