Roald Dahl Challenge

So today I ran 27 miles in the above challenge. I had hoped to do 30+ miles as it had a 6 hour cut off but it was so hot I was glad to finish. 

I started off great trying to stick with a 9 min mile so I could get another two laps in for about 34 miles – each lap was 3.85 miles- before the time was up. But it was not to be. 

As the start time (8:30) went it got hotter and hotter and hotter and I got slower and slower and slower. This route was my 100 mile route so I know it well but I could not speed up at one point doing a 12 min mile and lucky to manage that! The sun was relentless, very glad I had my P20 on, even though it was only about 25 degrees C it felt a lot hotter on the sea front.

There was a tiny respite about 3 hours in when mist came in from the sea but it was short and the sun came back with a vengeance. 

Having not run for a week due to Disneyworld commitments (holiday, food and beer) 

I was worried I’d be useless but seemed OK to start then regardless of the sun my legs started to ache and I was taking smaller and smaller steps. Something which I rarely do, but what is my emergency measure, was to pop two ibuprofen about 3.5 hours in knowing they would take the edge off my pain and lead to to the finish in style. 

They did- I had 3 Clif bars and half a Lucozade sport for the whole run and on my last 3.85 mile lap I felt energised and capable of actually running not shuffling. I put it down to the half Lucozade, ibuprofen and the fact that clouds had come over and smeared the relentless sunshine to a dull glow just for my final lap. Loved that cloud! 

I’m not too proud of my ibuprofen but needs necessitated it and they worked so I’ll keep them as emergency and hopefully not use them again until the time arises. 

Plus points from this run are mainly from gear: my new uber inexpensive X-Loop sunglasses were amazing and I totally recommend them. They kept the harsh glare of the sun from my eyes and stayed perfectly on my head without a doubt of them falling off. 

£6.99! Ridiculously underpriced. 

I also wore my new RunDisney top and my new Nike shorts all bought from the outlets in Orlando. Both were great if a silly choice to wear dark clothes on a sunny day. 

My Ghost 7s never rubbed, my Lanacane worked perfectly on my upper arms- always a chafing spot for me in heat, and my Fenix HR was perfect. As usual. 

So all in all a good day with this amazing medal.

Next run is Saturday’s Beerathon which I now cannot drink on as I’m working that night- gutted. It’s a challenge again and the weather will be a lot less sunny so I’m definitely going for ultra distance this time. 

Small regret is maybe I should have done the ultra today as I don’t think anyone else would have done it. I think I came about 7th today (results posted in a few days) from a field of about 90 so not too shabby but I could’ve been first for distance on the ultra… We live and learn. 


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