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So after spending most of September eating lots and drinking lots of beer we ended it eating pizza and drinking beer! Watched the brilliant Luke Cage on Netflix and got up early this morning to be Run Director at Parkrun. 

Everything went well and no one got injured or died so that’s a bonus. I’m only the RD every other month as usually I’m the 25 min pacer as I like the pace and it helps people run better. 

I’ve only run one 6 miler this week being all lazy and eating pizza and drinking beer so I came home had a brew and got changed into my running gear, waited a few minutes for the rain to stop and set off on my local route which is a 1 mile (ish) loop up and down hills. I’m training my wife for the Dopey Challenge (her first marathon) in 2017 so I texted her to just come and get me when she was back from meeting her friend in town. She said she was back at 1pm ish so I worked out I could have 8-9 miles in the bank by then. It turned out I’d have 12.69 as she was later getting back. 

I’d been running at heart rate using the Maffetone Method and I’d got to the point where I was getting very slow indeed look at my splits below around 10 to 12 miles 

So as my wife wasn’t back yet I decided to pop home, top up my water and see if she’s called as I never carry my phone on me it’s an iPhone 6 Plus so it’s massive! Anyway my wife had just got in and was getting changed so we set off at her HR pace for my last 5 miles hence the pace difference. What was ace was I was getting to the point where my heart was giving me dirty looks and popping up to 146 when I should be running at 134 and below so that little rest and the new slower speed helped me calm down a little and go a little further. 
It had been raining and then sunny then raining and this continued for the next hour or so. Eventually we did 5 laps together making my total 18 miles! Not bad for a gentle run. Strava link here

Today’s the day I’ve given up beer for the future to see if it helps me run faster. It’s a big decision but I think it’s a good one to make me further my running “career” and hopefully, one day, on this blog I can say I came first in a race- that’s my dream. 

Run assessment was that it was hard out there today, my month “off” has taken its toll and it’ll take me a few weeks or so to drop the extra stone I’ve put on and to get my running mojo dialled back in. I loved the run but I used to be doing that route at about 10:45 per mile at HR in July and August this year so hopefully will back at those speeds and more fairly soon. 

Nutrition has been a funny one today as I wasn’t meant to be running far just 5 miles with my wife when training her. I had my usual Greek yoghurt breakfast (150g Real Greek yoghurt, 10g handcrushed pecans, 10g handcrushed walnuts and 10g crunchy organic peanut butter) before walking the 2 miles to Parkrun, after Parkrun I came back and went out for my run. 

After my accidental 22 mile day I was feeling a little peckish so off to the local superstore we went, I had a massive urge for pizza but was good and got healthy food and some beef mince for my tea. 

I was so hungry I packed away the food and started cooking right away. Here’s the long list of ingredients for my “chilli”

250g beef mince

1 tbsp coconut oil

400g tin of chopped tomatoes 

Red onion

100g mushrooms

2 garlic gloves

2 Nepalese chillies

5 green finger chillies

1 tbsp coarse grain mustard

1 tbsp tomato purée

1 tbsp cayenne pepper

1 large teaspoon each of the following

Marmite, English mustard, turmeric, lime juice & lemon juice. 

Cup of water. 

Large handful of curly kale

Large handful of rocket

Large handful of spinach

Sea salt flakes and crushed black pepper 

I fry the onion, mushrooms, chillies, garlic and mince then add everything else with the greens last. Usually takes about 15 minutes and it was delicious! 

But after adding all this up into myfitnesspal I realised my carb intake was too high, like 20%! I’m back on my LCHF Keto diet this month so this wasn’t good. Luckily my wife hadn’t eaten and wanted me to cook her some eggs so I quickly threw 4 rashers of Wiltshire cured bacon into the oven and made 3 eggs in coconut oil of which 2 were for me. This nicely took me back into a decent ratio of 13% carbs, 68% fat and 19% protein which is close to my 10, 70, 20 ratio I like and why I use myfitnesspal. I’m slightly higher on carbs than most Keto diets but I run more so it works out ok and I still get ketosis fairly easily. 

In case you’re wondering I do keto to help me fat burn easier and quicker on my long runs and I make no bones of my love of fatty foods (pun intended!). I love coconut oil too and eggs and bacon and meat so it’s a good diet for me. 

Anyway it is October and I’ve got a few runs planned this month. 

16th Maidstone marathon as a guide for a blind runner

22nd Betteshangar Marathon which has a 12 hour time limit so I’m looking to see if I can pop 60 miles in the bank that day

30th Ranscombe Autumn Challenge which is my favourite route ever

31st Halloween Challenge which starts at 1pm so will end in the dark and there’s usually a mausoleum to run around! Spooky. 

See you later and happy running! 


3 thoughts on “Back to Heart Rate Training

    1. Indeed. I started early this year and managed my 50 miler ketogenic- I did need watermelon after 35 miles as almonds and coconut oil wasn’t helping! I’ve learnt to train Keto and race with Clif bars and now I’m trying Tailwind- I hope to use less sugar but it’s impossible to finish fast without carbs.

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