Fail Once and Fail Early

So I was working at the Marlowe theatre this morning on LX and flys for the Elaine Paige get in- this basically meant I had a decent upper body workout all morning lugging lights and bars and weights for counter weighting the LX bars. Who needs a gym?

I got home about 13:30 and got straight into my running gear as it was a gorgeous day and Sarah was in town with work friends again and not back until 4pm ish. I decided to reverse my heartrate route and see how I got on also I had decided to lower my HR figure after posting about the Maffetone Method yesterday and realising I was going too high. 

This meant I was slower than yesterday on all my laps but I LOVED this route! It’s a harsher uphill but then a LONG downhill and I’ve read recently that it’s the downhills that count so all was good. Managed a good pace throughout even dropping to 129 HR at some points and always keeping around 135. The splits were worse but that’s the hill and the lower HR

Strava link here

So after my 11 miles on Greek yoghurt (at 7:30am) and a Babybel just before I was starving! Luckily I had it planned today and asked my wife to get me some steak mince from the wonderful Brogdale butchers in town, the mince is amazing AND cheaper than Tesco as it’s £10 for 2KG for perfect steak mince! I love Brogdale meat. Here’s a steak burger I made in August when I was having a carb day. 

Anyway run was fun and I didn’t ache from my 18 miles yesterday so all is good. 

Although I have a confession to make now as on our last day of drinking we bought 20 Coors Lite from the shop on the way home as I didn’t think we had enough in after Zizzi’s. We did so it was left languishing in the garage until tonight when I decided it was time to break my one day old rule of no beer and drink the beer in the garage! You may ask why but the best way for me to give something up is to restrict access to it and 20 cans of Coors Lite jiggling round in the garage will lead to temptation and ultimately failure. SO I decided to have them for two reasons:

Reason 1: I wanted them

Reason 2: See above, if it’s not available I won’t drink it. 

I watched a presentation a while back from a Sony software developer and he said they have a rule for new game development and it’s “fail early” as obviously spending lots of time on a dud product costs money. So I attached it to my life today. Yes I failed, I drank beer on day 2 of not drinking beer BUT the essence is this: I failed and early but now I have no access to beer and won’t buy it, also I won’t fail twice. Fail once and fail early. 

Bring it on. 


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