Many Runs & Heart Rate Monitor Woes

Firstly let’s see what I’ve done this week. 

Monday and Tuesday I did nothing as my wife was ill so I couldn’t train her and I was resting Monday and worked late Tuesday. 

I was on a course in Canterbury town centre Wednesday so I decided to run in (Strava link) and as it was a beautiful day I stopped for a photo as I’d taken my backpack for my wallet, clothes and phone. 

As it was Wednesday it’s my free running day so I don’t have to stick to heartrate I can just run how I feel so I started the Garmin and then just ran how I felt, not looking at pace or HR and it felt really good! I managed 9 miles in about 1 hour 21 mins with lots of elevation and it felt great- no worries about running pace or tempo just a nice enjoyable run. 

Training course for two hours (I was a little smelly but I knew everyone there and they forgave me) and I set off back the same way which started with a massive hill! (Strava link) I struggled after the hill, as I’d only had a coffee with coconut oil for breakfast, so after about two miles in, and just before I hit the Crab & Winkle Way trail, I had a little snack of a Brazil nut and 11 almonds. 

This helped as after about 10 mins I found a nice comforting form with energy and proceeded home about 30 sec slower per mile than going in but nice and comfortable which is how I wanted it. Stopped for another photo in the middle of the trail 

It was such a lovely day but I could feel the lack of carbs on the way back. My keto diet at the moment is really low on carbs as I’m trying to fat burn more after my September excess but I did miss carbs on the way home. I was carrying a Clif bar just in case but the nuts helped as it was only just under 9 miles home. I grabbed some bacon on the way and had a massive 5 egg omelette with 4 rashers of bacon on top! I topped this food with two massive steak burgers in romaine lettuce wraps for tea which put me so high in protein it outweighed my fat intake- not good. Cue macadamia nuts which are so high in fat they outweigh everything- my new friend! 

Next day I was working and my wife was still coughing so when I got home I went for a nice HR run which started off very difficult as every  10 steps my HR was peaking and I had to walk. This usually happens for the first 500m but this was over the first mile then settled down for a nice run though my Garmin recorded it as a slightly longer run than I had done

Not bad eh- here’s the real data though even if you check my splits on there they go to 999 miles! I think the Garmin was playing up… 

Had lovely river cobbler fish with cauliflower and broccoli for tea all doused in hot butter- yummy. 

So today I’m working 2-9pm so I got up with the wife (less coughing) and started a 10 miler before breakfast. Or so I thought…

It was ridiculously frustrating as I’d go 20 steps and my HR would go from 130 to 145 at a 14 min pace and did so for THREE miles! I persevered as I fully expected it to work itself out, thoughts that it was my first morning run for a few months and maybe I shouldn’t have had that coffee etc but no it continued and really wound me up, so much so I turned round at 3.5 miles and headed home to call it a day as it was like starting HR running from scratch again so something was wrong. 

Half a mile later I was walking again every 20 steps with a 145 HR (remember I’m aiming for 134) so I physically adjusted my HR monitor on my chest a little so now it was facing NW not N and guess what? Everything went back to normal! Right away back to my usual 11:20 per mile HR at 133. I was amazed so I put the HR monitor back to where it was, just facing forward on my chest with no angle and it went haywire again, 20 steps and 146 etc, put it slightly towards my left arm and back to normal! I was so relieved as I thought all my training was going to pot. Who would have thought the positioning of the HR monitor on my chest would have such a difference?  Look at my splits after 4 miles- huge difference when you’re not having to walk every 20 steps! I am going to have a little research about this to uncover why and I’ll report back another post. 

So I decided to keep to the 7 miles (out and back) as it was about 8:40am and there’s a school near our house so the pavements were full of children and mothers and buggies and I didn’t fancy navigating through them all for a few loops of the neighbourhood!

Home, shower and eggs and bacon again and I’m relaxing now before I go to work. I’ve lowered my calorie intake today (1800) for a few weeks to try and shed the stone I put on in September. I’m already 7 pounds lighter since holiday so if I carry on running this much and low carbing I should get close enough to race weight by a few weeks just in time for my 60 miler attempt on 22nd October

I’m working this Saturday 8-3pm but off Sunday so I might throw in 10 miles tomorrow and 10 training my wife Sunday which should put me around 55 miles this week which is a bonus. Hoping to crank it up slowly to hit 70-80 by November keeping it steady then until the new year. 

Keep on running. 


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