Long Week of Running

So this week started with a whimper, a 2 mile powerwalk at lunchtime at work. (Strava Link) I’m trying to keep moving on the days I’m not running so a quick up and down the local hill warms the blood at lunch time. 

Then Tuesday I ran home with a beautiful sunset. (Strava Link)

It was amazing and I managed a decent low heartrate throughout as it’s mainly downhill. 

Next morning on Wednesday I ran in at 6am and didn’t stick to heartrate as it’s very hilly and more fun to run fast up the hills. (Strava Link)

It was gorgeous running in the dark with my head torch waiting for the sun to rise. Managed it just over an hour which is fine by me. Came home in the car then ran with my wife for her heart rate training. (Strava Link)

I got home earlier so ran a quick 3 miles before running four with my wife. She’s getting quicker which is positive. 

Next day we were only going to do 5 but we both finished early and got to run a good heartrate run along the coast. My wife did really well finally finding her “clutch” speed for heartrate that means she can go for ages without walking as it’s really flat. ( Strava Link)

We were meant to run Friday night but my wife was packing and organising for a trip to her mums today so we’ve added 2 miles to her run tomorrow instead. 

Today I did Parkrun with a nice 3.6 mile warm up and 2.6 mile warm down. (Parkrun Link). I did find it a little tough on the second lap of Parkrun maybe due to tired legs as I’ve done just under 40 miles this week and have Maidstone Marathon tomorrow so I’ve been carbing up with Coconut water and a full English breakfast this morning! 

I’ve been shopping today at the Ashford Outlet today and managed to pick up some new Nike gloves, new Nike socks and a Nike jacket that should have been £180 but I got it for £55! Bargain. Luckily the marathon tomorrow is meant to be raining so a shiny new waterproof jacket is right in order. 

I also managed to get two t shirts from Reebok that exactly match Dopey’s colours for our marathon in Disneyworld in January. Bargain too at £3.95 each reduced from £17! 

Can’t wait for January now, we have purple caps to match the outfits. Dopey here we come!

Tomorrow I’m trailing my Tailwind for the first time too, I’m taking my Camelbak 2L backpack as I’m guiding a blind runner so don’t want to stop at all the aid stations too much. I’m taking 6 scoops of Berry flavour in my backpack and a small hydration flask for afters. My blind runner reckons he’s on for 5 hours so I should have enough. I’m packing some Clif Bars just in case. 

Nutrition-wise this week I’ve been properly Keto with some lovely food for tea. I’ve cooked steak burgers, river cobbler fish and later on in the week I cooked butter chicken topped with fried chorizo and cheddar cheese! Keto heaven. 

I also bought a treadmill for my wife to train on when I’m not around, it was meant to be here today but delivery has been delayed so don’t know when it’s going to arrive now! It’s a Reebok one and looks pretty decent, I’ll review it when we’ve had it for a few weeks. 

Currently working tonight until just after midnight so I’ll be tired for my marathon tomorrow but it can’t be helped. Oh and I applied to do the Lon Las 250 mile ultra today. I should get in as the qualification is at least one 100 miler and I’ve got that. It’s £199 so pretty expensive! Wish me luck. 


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