Marathon Happy

I started this on my MacBook Pro but then realised I don’t synch my photos that often so I’m using my iPhone as usual- it’s seamless!

So I’m going back a week now to last Sunday when I did Maidstone Marathon as a guide for a visually impaired runner, Paul Watts. I’ve guided him twice before so it’s pretty simple and he’s good company to talk running stuff to and he’s not too slow or too fast so we’re a winning team. He wanted sub 5 hours and we did it in 4:57 which also meant I could pick my wife up from railway hell a.k.a. a rail replacement bus in Sittingbourne! The marathon was hilly hilly hilly but lovely and really well organised. ( Link here

We had fun. Though the the medal was tiny,,,

You’ll see that we are connected by a dogs chew toy covered in yellow LX tape! Works for Paul so works for me. Felt a little guilty as at one point we had to run on a busy road so we went on the pavement and Paul caught his arm on a stone wall. Oops. Sometimes I forget he can’t see! 

I cannot stress how well organised it was and how much fun we had and the massive bonus was this was the first time I’d tried my Tailwind nutrition. I filled my Camelbak 2L backpack with water and added 7 scoops of Tailwind. I had been instructed to “sip a little and often” after an hour or so, with mixed feelings I went for it. I did pack 5 Clif bars just in case…  but I never needed them! It was a little difficult as I had the afore-mentioned Clif bars in the pocket of my back pack and 2L of Tailwind fluid so I couldn’t really tell how much I had left after I started with 3 sips after an hour. I guessed that 3 sips every half hour would suffice though I got worried about 13 miles in so waited a few miles before sipping – about 5 really but I needn’t have worried as after 24 miles I was properly drinking from my Camelbak and I ran out deliberately as I felt amazing and wanted to use all of the product. I have one thing to say and that’s Tailwind works! I had no other nutrition other than my usual Greek yoghurt in the morning and then just Tailwind for a 5 hour marathon. I never felt tired or laggy or worried either so it’s definitely the way forward especially after today’s marathon which I’ll get to later. 

After Sunday’s ace marathon I decided not to run into work and back and just concentrate on training my wife for her January marathon in Disneyworld. I have to admit my legs were tired and achey and not really up to much so I wore my merino wool compression socks after running which helped a lot. These socks are purely for home use and not for running in, I have some running ones too (which I wore today) and they are ace too! 

We ran on Tuesday as she’d not run Sunday and we’d had Domino’s (I know, bad) and as I got home earlier I did 2 miles at my HR pace and 5.5 at hers. Legs ached but I felt fine and I loved running with head torches later on. There was a beautiful sunset on the seafront but I don’t carry my iPhone as it’s massive and missed it being recorded but it’s in my head and heart forever. 

Wednesday we did our neighbourhood loop at her fast speed for 4.2 mile and she just missed out on a PB so the training is working! 

Thursday we did 7 miles at her HR and she did really well! No gorgeous sunset tonight but lots of friendly runners and I had to wear my running compression socks as I was starting to ache a lot!

Job done for wife training we had Friday off and today I did the Betteshangar Marathon

Here’s me before the race and here’s me after. Look how relieved I am!

The medal is gorgeous too

As always with Saxons, Vikings & Normans events everything was superbly organised and ran smoothly with the amazing medal. 

The wife and I had a bit of a night last night (beer me? Thought I’d given up…?) so with a strong black coffee in my wife’s Disney mug I drove to Deal with nothing but running a decent marathon in my mind. I did consider the McDonalds on the way but declined as I’d had my usual Greek yoghurt breakfast so was fine. 

Race brief was… brief with some hoodies handed out for good work and our friend Maryanne was given her 100 bib number for her 100th marathon! Im off to hers later for curry and a celebration so must finish this sooner rather than later! 

I set off with one mindset of doing a sub 4 marathon. I’ve done a few this year but not one recently as I’ve been doing ultras, trails and guiding. All was going very well and I was on for beating my PB if I pushed harder later on but last weeks Maidstone marathon came back to haunt me and I slowed to a 9 pace the last few miles and settled for a decent 3:49 time. Settled for Lucozade sport for the last 8 miles as I needed the energy! Splits weren’t bad either. 

I was happy with my sub 4 and even happier that I managed it after last weeks hilly marathon. Nutrition was 2 Clif bars and 2 Lucozade sport as I was flagging a little from mile 18. I didn’t want to Tailwind as I knew I was going out fast and I didn’t want to wear my Camelbak with 2L of fluid in the back. I’m looking at the SJ Ultimate Direction backpack soon which means I can carry my Tailwind with me. 

Off to Maryanne’s now for 100th marathon celebration and next weekend I have a hilly marathon on Sunday then a Halloween night one on the Monday!

Both linked here

Until the next time. Keep running well. 


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