So after my sub 4 last week I’ve not really done much due to aches and pains and resting.  

My wife managed to build the treadmill on her own Sunday whilst I was working and I managed 3 miles on it Tuesday morning. She nearly killed herself building it so I’m very grateful!

Since then my right hamstring has been niggling me so I haven’t ran since. I’ve foam rollered and stretched it out and it still niggles so while I’m waiting for the engineer to fix our solar tubes this morning I might have a few hours at HR on the aforementioned treadmill and see if I can stretch it out. 

This morning I got up and seem to have minor cramp in each of my calves, another strange feeling I’ve not had before! I’ll see how I fare later. I’m working 3-11pm tonight so I have some time to chill out before work. 

I’m doing a hilly trail ultra Sunday and one in relative dark Monday (it’s Halloween) so I need to take care of myself before then. 

A nice surprise yesterday was that I have sort of worked out if I pull off all my runs next year then by August 2017 I might have managed 52 marathons in 52 weeks! No promises as at the moment I’m up to 44 by then so I just need to find another 8! Oh and pay for them all!

Good news this week is that I bought my wife and I the race retreat package for the Dopey Challenge which means not only will we be fed and warm before but also after the half and full marathon! As the temperature can vary this is a good thing for my wife and her first full marathon. 

Right solar engineer is here so time for the treadmill and some Luke Cage. 


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