New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Marathons Late of Course

So I decided to end the year with marathons either side and I wanted sub four for both but the first one was muddier than I thought so I finished 4:07 (Strava here) on that one but it was a good run with the usual lovely people – nothing spectacular- just a run. 

I was doing one a few hours later but decided I’d rather spend time with my wife and in-laws than running round a muddy track in the dark! 

I’m glad as most people we’re wiped out the next day at the same venue but on a road certified tarmac track which I love running on!

Now champagne toasts at midnight had left me less sleep than normal but I was feeling fine and I was determined to get sub four today. 

Then I arrived and it was raining cold sleety rain and about 0 degrees. It was sunny when I left home! 

Race brief given with 100 people tying to hide under a single gazebo, unsuccessfully, but we all had high spirits as it was 2017! 

Looking at my sooots above you see I set off with a sub four pace and seemed to slow down- there is a story behind it. Around mile 6 I picked I picked up a running partner called Denys, who happens to be running my speed and we chatted and talked and discussed running, nutrition (he’s vegan) and age (he’s 66) and the first half flew by without me noticing the rain and cold and wind. 

Then I stopped at the aid station around mile 14 and realised I was knackered and on no way fit enough to keep this pace up so I waved Denys off as he stormed off – I think he finished just faster then my PB so I made a good decision! 

I worked out I could chill out time wise for a bit and enjoy the run, this was hampered by a rather nasty wind that developed and menaced us all on the final half mile straight. Then just as I proclaimed it was great the rain had stopped, it started again. Wetter and colder and fiercer. 

I was fine though as I worked out around mile 18 I could coast a 10 min mile and still get a sub four so I chilled out and just put one cold foot forward for a while. Two mile laps are ace for working out pacing but I sort of forgot the 0.2 of the 26.2 which meant my plans had gone slightly awry hence the last lap I ran as fast as the rain and wind and my tired legs could carry to make that god damn sub four. 

I did it in 3:57 so all was well and the medal is amazing!

Nutrition was Clif Bars as usual and all was well. Never used the aid station for anything other than water ( and maybe a jelly baby).

Next stop Disney Dopey Challenge in a few days!


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