I’m trying a whole new nutrition strategy this weekend, new pre and during and post race food. Sort of. Here’s what I usually eat every single day:


100g Greek yoghurt 

10g crushed pecans 

10g crushed walnuts

10g cacao nibs

10g chia seeds

10g peanut butter (just nuts and oil- organic)

All mixed together and left for 10 minutes in the fridge for the chia seeds to swell. 

1 Brazil nut (for my selenium)

Mid Morning:

22 almonds (as a snack)

100g (ish)avocado 

2 large eggs boiled

20g beetroot salad (for the eggs)


20g babyleaf rocket salad

30g raw kale

20g omega 4 seed mix

88g mackerel in olive oil on top of the ingredients above

Then for dinner I usually have some protein such as steak mince and cauliflower with baby leaf salad or chicken breast or thigh etc. Usually adding butter or coconut oil. Weekends I eat eggs and bacon a lot. 

This all is a pretty healthy ketogenic mix that usual gives me my 10% carbs, 70% fat and 20% protein and all is well. If I run I eat more of my breakfast mix or some more almonds. 

I very rarely eat actual carby foods but that’s what I’m trying this week. 

Yesterday I had 200g of sweet potato and 200g beetroot both sliced and rolled in coconut oil then roasted added to 2 lamb steaks and I was loving it. Absolutely delicious.

Tonight I’m having the same with 300g chicken thighs and I might have some more carbs later due to marathon running tomorrow. This should up my calorie intake to about 2500 today which is more than my usual 1800 but I’ll need the extra tomorrow. 

As I’m not using Clif Bars or Tailwind tomorrow I’ve gone back to my tried and tested date concoction with a few tweaks. Here are the ingredients from myfitnesspal recipe page which matches the nearest ingredients. 

So with 129 calories per serving and about 22g of carbs I’m hoping to have two an hour with a maximum of 5 in this way

0-1hr nothing

1-1.5hrs 1 bar

1.5-2hrs 1 bar

2-2.5hrs 1 bar

2.5-3hrs 1 bar

3-3.5hrs 1 bar (if needed)

So that should give me about 600 calories and 200g carbs for my run. Which should be enough.

They don’t look very appetising but the chocolate orange crunchyness should do the job tastewise. I’ve dusted cayenne pepper on top for a little kick. 

For liquids I’m using rooibos tea which has many amazing properties you can read about here. I’m using 2 teabags per 600ml cooled down in my Ultimate Direction bottles as I’m used to running with one in my hand. 

All going well I should do a decent time, around four hours, with energy to spare. I’m being hesitant to say sub four as I’m doing four back to back I might need to rein it in a bit and settle for four marathons in four days around the four hour mark. 

We shall see. 

Anyway I’ve never really paid much attention to post race nutrition, just usually whatever’s in the goody bag (crisps, chocolate and cake) and a carby meal when I got in. But no I’m taking it seriously so here’s my post race nutrition:

100g (ish) avocado 

2 large boiled eggs

200g sweet potatoes

200g beetroot 

This is about 700 calories by gives me about 25g protein, 60g carbs and 55g fat straight away, washed down with a cool rooibos tea on the way home. 

For dinner I’ll have about 300g kippers in butter with some kale and baby leaf salad maybe with more sweet potato and beetroot. 

All in all this should work for the four days I hope. Everyday I’ll have my usual yoghurt breakfast and a coffee then this race fuel and post race nutrition. 

I’ll let you know how it goes, maybe tomorrow maybe in four days. I’m packing my usual backup chocolate chip Clif Bars and Lucozade Sport just in case. Worse case scenario there are always green jelly babies. 

Here’s link to the races I’m doing. 

Cyclopark Series


3 thoughts on “Nutrition

  1. Interested too see how the nutrition works out. How are you finding the UD soft flask? I am finding the hard to get out of the pockets on my vest thinking of replacing them with the hard flasks.
    Keep up the good work.


    1. I have both the hard and soft, I like the hard ones for running in my hand as the soft get a little floppy and don’t hold as much. I don’t wear a vest for a marathon now unless it’s over a 8 mile loop. Looking forward to experimenting tomorrow.

      Liked by 1 person

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