Music Legends Marathon #45 Bowiethon

Today was a good day as it started with no snow. Always a good sign for a marathon. 

Woke up at silly o’clock (5am) so got up a little later (as I normally do) and read/ ate/ chilled out with the cats. 

Arrived one hour before race start (as always) and chilled out in the car for a bit getting more ready than I was when I left-changing coats and gloves etc. 

Obligatory smiling car pic with warm hat

Race brief confirmed we were running the “177 route” so called as it’s the name of the cycle track we were following. Craig had his “flake marathon” (99th- it’s an English ice cream – see below) which means 100th tomorrow!

And so we set off. The weather was about 3 degrees with no wind and no snow or rain so that’s a good forecast. Regardless I was rocking 2 pairs of gloves just in case. 

Route was very simple, we ran up the hill (right on map above) then turned around at the top and ran all the way down for miles, checking in at base camp every lap. Five laps for a marathon. 

Elevation was less than yesterday and pretty much 95% of the course was tarmac which was ace. 

I made a decision, in the car, to just chill out today and not worry about sub four or 4:15 etc and just run nice and gently, enjoying myself and saying hello to everyone running.

This worked as I had a really good day. Of course my quads hurt going downhill but apart from that I had lots of energy, my date bars working their orangey charm and my carby post race nutrition seemed to work as my pace was pretty consistent throughout. One mile over 10 mins when I stopped for extra water. 

Now when I finished and my Garmin downloaded the data, I noticed I had done this route before in August last year. I remember it well, it was a really hot day and I was doing a four in four (again) and this was the second day like today- I also remember looking at the race field and really really wanting to come in the top ten. So I ran my heart out that day, I got my first ever blister (hot sweaty feet in new shoes) but I got my top ten. 

Looking at that, compared with today, I feel a whole lot better. 

It seems in six months my all out effort of 4:20  pales into comparison with today’s easy, comfy and non stressful run. I finished 4:11 (not 4:09) but still that’s 9 whole minutes from my last effort in August and today I wasn’t in a hurry and certainly not running at full effort. 

Maybe I’m improving? Watch this space…

It was good to see my running mate get his PB- well done Adam I knew you would!  It was also great to see everyone else doing this four in four business too. 

So finished all happy then I went for my medal  and got offered a choice of several older unclaimed medals from former races because I signed up late and all medals were allocated…


Forgot about that. Still not to worry I snaffled the Star Trek 50th Anniversary one as it’s not going to be ran again hopefully so bit of a rarity. The original medal from today can wait I’m sure I’ll do it next year or soon enough. 

Sat in the car relishing my beautifully presented food before I set off home. Well the sweet potato and beetroot did taste gorgeous and I added two boiled eggs and had a massive avocado after exactly like yesterday and it definitely worked today- let’s see what happens tomorrow. 

Here’s me with my Star Trek medal and looking forward to a Gothic Marathon tomorrow!

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