Gothic Challenge Marathon #46

Today I decided to chill out and run a nominal pace as opposed to aiming for a time. Sub 5 hours would do me. 

I set off uber early expecting traffic as it’s Monday but forgot it’s half term in school so I got there about 1 hour 15mins before kick off. 

Yep same hat every day. 

It was pretty chilly so I pushed my chair back and had a little rest until about 9:00 when I sorted my jacket and gloves out and stepped out to mingle. I may have dozed off for a second… 

This was Craig’s 100th though I never found his 100 bib to sign as is customary but then I probably wasn’t looking in the right place. 

Being cold I payed the £1 for parking and donned my two pairs of gloves before setting off in a group mid pack. I was aiming on 4:30 ish today so a nice and easy run for my third day. 

Luckily a running buddy, Paul, was also of the same mind and we teamed up until the end chatting and generally passing the time and bemoaning our aches and pains from the previous few days. 

 Glad I started slow as about lap 4 of 7 my quads were feeling more shot than usual and I picked up a right ankle niggle too. Ankle still worrying me as I write this at home so we will have to see tomorrow. 

Lap 5 was the official sh*t lap- i.e. The one that didn’t mean anything, not penultimate or first or anything and as the wind picked up it felt it too. Both Paul and I had a slow lap and trundled into base camp for refreshments. 

Lap 6 was worrying me a little as I had my homemade date bars for 4 hours (last one at 3.5) and I knew we were going to be over 4:30 hours so I packed an extra one (pre planned) this morning just in case. 

I didn’t need it though as 6 flew by and we roped in lap 7 with a sprint race at the end to both get exactly the same time which seemed fair. Think we notched 4:35 ish. 

It was a beautiful sunny day throughout and made me glad I was running and with good company too. Tomorrow it’s even better and less wind so bring it on as long as the ankle is fine. 

Medal is gorgeous and befits the day. 

I finished the day with a huge meal of sweet potatoes, beetroot (buried under salad), Scottish kippers and cauliflower all lathered in Tabasco sauce. 

Tomorrow is final race of the four and obviously called Valentine’s Day Challenge. I’m hoping my quads are feeling better and my ankle is fine so I can finish the four well. 

My wife and I are off to Zizzi’s tomorrow night so I’ll be carbing it up big time anyway. 

Until then run fine. 

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