Valentine’s Day Challenge Marathon #47

Foam rollered the hell out of my legs and calves this morning and spent the night drinking Pink Himalayan Salt in fizzy water.  (Don’t put too much in it explodes!)

And it seemed to work! Today was a return to the “177 route” from Sunday and I like this route so was looking forward to it. I was concerned about my ankle/ tendon but that only showed up on lap 4 of 5 and was manageable so all was well. 

Nothing major to report today other than I ran comfy, ignoring the quad pain with the internal statement “they’re going to hurt whatever speed I do” so I might as well go faster…

I kept to a decent speed with no finishing time in mind, maybe 4:30 to beat yesterday’s slow comfy time?

Weather was sunny with clouds and a lot of new people were running with, of course, us loons doing the four in four. 

All went to plan until the last lap of 5:25 miles when I got a strange turn of speed and decided to see what I could do. I never looked at the clock just at the people in front who were fading like an 80s superhero in front of me. Lots of walking and shaking of heads, I took one walker then another, then a walk- a- bit- run- a- bit- bloke right up to the turn around point which is then largely downhill for two miles!

Happy with my progress I spied another front runner up ahead and took her over downhill on mile 25 and was happy with that. I wasn’t looking behind as I was going as fast as I could so no point seeing if anyone was catching me as I couldn’t go faster! Luckily no one was and as I reached the final end of the downhill (about 25.5 miles) I managed to pass another front runner and drag my sorry arse up that hill for a sprint finish and a 4:08 which I think is my fastest time of the four but will have to wait for the official results to see!

Knackered is not the word and to cap all this I got the last place in a marathon tomorrow so I’m doing a five marathons in five days not four. 

Wish me luck, it will be a slow one tomorrow. Tonight my wife and I are off out for food. 


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