Jake Runs then Stops

I was half heartedly going for a PB on the 100 Marathon Club marathon. I say half heartedly as I’d been going through some serious issues since finishing the five in five so I didn’t know if I had it in me. 

Issues such as massive hunger for sugary things like grapes and chocolate and ANYTHING bad for me. My toes were a little numb for a few days but all in all, apart from the MASSIVE hunger, my aches and pains were minimal. 

So I arranged to go running with Richard (who’s training for London) on the Tuesday night at 6pm and as I finished at 3pm I thought I’d go for a pre run run and see how my legs felt. 

They felt heavy but like a dick I carried on and did 12 miles at tempo pace (9:30-9:45) then met Richard for our run which added 5.5 more miles to my already fatigued legs. By the time we finished I was on a 10:30 min mile and walking up the path back home my left knee gave way and I had to limp for a few seconds. Didn’t really register this as it went away quickly but it came back to haunt me. 

Here’s my splits and an explanation below…

Around about the 10th mile I felt my knee give a little complaint, nothing major but it was letting me know it was there. Again at 13 miles but nothing to worry about and I sailed along until about my 21st mile- last 3 laps and as I left the aid station my knee gave in. 

By “gave in” I mean I couldn’t run on it. I could walk on it but not run. So I started walking feeling a little confused. I managed to run, walk, limp around for a lap of 2 miles but still my knee was hurting and I couldn’t run properly on it. This continued as I decided to carry on and managed another lap sub 10 minutes and I got to the last lap and thought “bugger this” and went for it. 

Strangely enough when I went faster the pain went! I now know its because I was not stressing my IT band as much with longer strides. 

Finished and limped off with my shiny medal. 

Next day was marathon day- the 26th day of 2nd month- 26.2 get it? This day last year was when I set my marathon PB which was why I was sort of going for one yesterday. 

Anyway I got ready working on the principle that I’ll jog round the course for the medal as it was a full marathon and not just a challenge event I couldn’t just do one lap and get it. 

So started off mid pack and got 100 metres before I gave up. I turned round and walked past everyone behind me and returned to the starting aid station. My first DNF. 

My knee was buggered. I couldn’t even slow walk on it so I woul have been a fool to try and run a marathon. So, goody bag collected, I limped home and had a huge pizza and a beer. 

This is basically how it’s been since then. In two weeks I’ve put on a stone in weight and eaten rubbish. I’ve cancelled/ deferrred 12 marathons and the whole Phoenix series until 2018. 

My next marathon is Easter Monday, about a month away. I’m going to defer the two that weekend after so I’ll have two weeks to heal until my May Day (1st May) marathon and see what happens. 

I’ve read very extensively on the IT Band subject and all the literature says is rest. So I’m resting. 

From Monday I’m going full keto to lose the weight I deliberately gained to see if I can lose it easily enough without running

Currently I’ve not ran since 26th Feb and it’s now St Patrick’s Day so 17th March and my hip and knee still feel tender with my right knee feeling a little tender too. 

I’m not running until next week when I’ll try a gentle jog on the treadmill IF everything feels right. Then I can slowly increase the treadmill miles to gain a little fitness back. 

Worse case is I defer/ cancel some more until I’m healed. 

It’s not a good place to be at but I’m enjoying the extra time I have and have been playing my PS4 more so that’s good. Also reading more and listening to podcasts so it’s not all doom and gloom. 

I’m alive and on my way to healing. My 52 marathons in 52 weeks will have to wait another year and the half magical 50 will have to wait a little longer too. 

Run gently out there. 


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