OK Enough Now

So I was feeling a little better in my hip and knee so I ran for 30 mins on the treadmill yesterday at roughly 9:30 per mile and everything felt fine. I finished off with a 10 min warm down walk and felt great.

Then today at work, as I was walking along, I felt pain on the top of my left foot, I carried on and ignored it until I got home when I sat down and examined the top left side of my foot where it hurt if I pressed it.

Now if I’ve learned anything since I started running (Jan 2015) it’s that short sharp pain is bad especially when pressed. I have full movement of my foot and toes but when I press that area it hurts, it hurts a lot.


I’ve emailed the RD of my Easter Marathon to see if I can defer- it’s 50-50 with any RD but fingers crossed he’s understandable, then it’s down to minor injuries on Saturday to have it looked at as I don’t have a doctor and this isn’t something I’m leaving to a physio until diagnosed.

I’m not happy about it but also I know there is nothing I can do but go through the motions, get healed and get on with it. It can not be overuse I only did 5K so I think I’m just going through a bad patch through which there will be a silver lining and a sunny running future ahead.

I guess my 50th Marathon will have to wait a little longer…

Keep smiling.



4 thoughts on “OK Enough Now

    1. Thanks Adam. I’m sort of hoping it’ll go away and was like some sort of random sprain… I live in hope. I’m giving it until Friday to make a decision but I’m very open minded about the future. I know I’ll run again I just don’t know when but I do know I’ll take it easy and enjoy the journey rather than the medal. 🙂

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  1. Oh no take it easy, and you will back in no time, its is better take take a little time to recover than a long time regretting not taking the little time, if that makes sense lol, in my limited experience of course anyway.


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