I’m a Barbie Girl


Here we are.

I’m sat here writing this on my iPad mini looking at the sea and having a beer. I’ve just eaten a MASSIVE pizza and a Kinder egg.

Things are about to change. I had the worst ever Full English Breakfast this morning at the local Harvester restaurant and it made me re-evaluate everything. 

I’m going vegetarian again…

All my PBs were done when I was a veggie and I never got injured as a veggie too (probably)…

So there you go. 

Since 26th February I’ve ran very little due to my IT Band issues and eaten lots and lots of pizzas and drank lots and lots of beer. Tomorrow this ends. I’ve put on over a stone in weight- I now weigh 13.2 stone, I was 11.11 in Feb. My race weight is about 11. A long road to recovery and re-education starts tomorrow.

Barbie came from the Kinder Egg in case you’re wondering.

I’ve finally deleted the MyFitnessPal app from my phone and I’ve been logging my food for 495 days so far, every.single.day. It’s hasn’t helped has it?

No more. 

I’m going to eat well, sleep well, train well and run well. I’ve bought Jason Fitzgerald’s ebook Injury Prevention for Runners and I’m going to follow the strength exercises and the advice and the warm up routines (I have never warmed up) and hopefully I’ll get back on track and get running soon. I have so far cancelled 2 x 50 milers and 12 marathons this last 6 weeks which sort of makes me realise I was doing too much already. I mean it’s April 2017 and I’ve 10 marathon medals on my wall from this year with 6 weeks off, not a lot compared with others I know but they have more experience, and more years running.

Next scheduled marathon is 13th May Bewl Water. 

Bring it on.

I’m a Barbie girl remember.


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