Forward Progress

I managed three six mile runs last week with no aches or pains and explicitly no knee or hip pain. I walked a lot too. 

It feels a bit pitiful compared to my usual 55 miles but I’m being uber careful. 

All my runs have been preceded with various degrees of warm up (I can’t do Pistol Squats) and ended with as much as Jason Fitzgerald’s ITB strength recovery exercises as I can in our small spare room without kicking a cat. I mean that too, the cats think I’m playing when trying to do “scorpion” exercise lay on my front and kicking my legs to my opposite sides. Scared the hell out of Jasmine cat. Good job I haven’t the room to do the “iron cross” move, it could be lethal! 

All in all things have gone well. Two runs on the treadmill then a run outside just round the neighbourhood but with 437ft elevation so good for my legs I think…

I was great watching the London Marathon on Saturday and seeing a non-elite runner becoming the first Brit back before any of our UK Elites. Great kudos to him! 

Tonight I ran 10 mile with a decent pace and nothing ached or niggled or hurt so that’s very positive. 

I’ve still got 3 weeks until my 13th May Marathon which means things are looking up as long as I keep to my warm up and strength exercises and try and not do too much too soon. 

Thursday I’m going to walk the 6.5 miles into work and back as it’s very hilly and through beautiful country paths. Usually I run it but I’m being careful again and just building up my strength. Next week I can run in. 

Slow progress but all positive considering how things have been earlier on in the month. 

My keto vegetarian diet is going amazingly well, I managed to lose 13lb since last Tuesday which must be down to having massive water retention when I weighed 13.5 last week as now I’m 12.6. Race weight is 11 ish, maybe 11.4, so a bit to go but I’m not in a hurry, it’ll happen naturally. I feel super clean and healthy and my brain is functioning at 100% all the time which is pretty cool. Fat burning veggie is the way to go!

Next week I am very very busy at work so don’t know how many runs I’ll get in but I’ll do my best. It’s my birthday on Friday and I’m in work from 9am until 1am the next day. Happy birthday eh?

Until next time keep running well. 


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