Marathons 50 to 54

I know I know but I had lost my running mojo and now it's back.

Here's a brief rundown of my last 5 marathons.

So I've been injured with IT band syndrome and I bought many books/ ebooks and training routines to try and get rid of it. Nothing happened for ages.

So I ran an "easy" marathon which was round a lake so it must be flat right?


Bewl Water Marathon is hilly and extra hilly. I set off with a good pace but at mile 18 my knee gave way and I ran slowly home walking the hills. Medal was a bit poo too. Click the link to see.

So back to basics.

No marathons until June so I did what all injured people do, I drank beer and ate pizza for a while then I got my bike fixed and started riding into work and doing long rides.

This felt good and I felt healthier.

A week before my back to back marathon comeback a quick Google on IT band injury gave me a simple stretch exercise to do 3 times a day and promised results in a week. Guess what, it worked! Miracle! 4 months wasted but I managed a trail 30 miler and a trail marathon the day later.

I'm back.

Bit more biking in the following weeks then my bike broke so spent a week doing bugger all, though I ate healthily and walked 13 miles last week.

Now for last weekend…

I signed up for another set of back to back trail marathons, same course over two days. I wanted to do an ultra for both days but I needed a haircut the first day so cut it short and the day after I had so much to do at home I just did the marathon.

Of course both days it was hot and hilly.

Day 1 I forgot how hilly it was and went out too fast. Didn't enjoy anything after mile 15 but I got it done and had a laugh. The theme was Elvis.

Next day I had a plan…

Run slow throughout! So I started off at a really nice pace and basically kept it up for 26.5 miles. I had a really lovely time on a very hot day but loved every minute of it. No aches or pains and lots of talking and running and generally having a good time with running buddies. The theme was Punk.

So I am defiantly back and really loving marathoning again. I'm organising a massive festival at work next weekend so slightly busy then I'm concentrating on my next big thing which is getting to 100 marathons and running another 100 miler in March next year. I want the t-shirt.
So I now will be publishing my training and results towards this in the next 6 months. I'm aiming for sub 24 as my last one was 25:17 so I've got it in me.

Run gently out here.


Oh and one last thing is I got a place for London Marathon! It's with Plantlife a company that makes my running life prettier and the world better. If you want to help them you can sponsor me here. Don't worry I'll run anyway and pay the difference anyway because they do a GREAT job at my favourite place to run!


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