#55 and #56

So 55 was easy. Lots of rest at my favourite place Ranscombe Farm. The cakeathon. So I managed a 30.5 no hassle ultra. Ok so it was 30 degrees and the hottest day of the year after 7 straight days of 12 hour days working. But I got it done. Loved it in fact. I love Ranscombe.

#56 was meant to be Black Hugin, a 5pm start to run at night at Pegwell Bay but things went awry at work and after volunteering at Parkrun I had to go into work until 4pm.

Yes I could have made the run but I’d not eaten and to be honest I was absolutely shattered from the week before and all the long days so it was a difficult but simple

choice to cancel.

It did leave me with a marathon down though and I remembered that after Hugin was Kent Coastal Marathon Sunday morning.

I texted and emailed the RD who told me there were 28 on-the-day entries staring at 7:15am.

Bed at 8:35pm and duly at 7:10 I hit the registration point and got my entry.

Met loads of running buddies all wearing the same t shirt! Will post when WP lets me.

Needless to say I had a great day, it wasn’t too hot and yes, my legs hurt from Monday’s ultra but I got it done and nearly beat my previous race time but a running mate (in the same t shirt) got cramp at mile 25.8 so I stopped to help and we slowly jogged in.

No regrets it’s only a run and no one gets left behind!

Tomorrow and Sunday I’m guiding a blind runner on a trail course with 3000ft of elevation and some serious descents.

Should be fun both days = same course. Although tomorrow is the Beerathon which should make it all the better for both of us!

Run well and run safe.


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