#57 & #58

First up is the Beerathon at Ranscombe Park again. This time to mix it up I was running as a guide for a blind runner- his name

is Paul Watts and I think this was his 318th marathon.

The trail was gravel, grass, field, track, mud, tarmac, woodland paths and basically lethal underfoot in some places so we took it easy and got round in about 6.11 I think for the marathon.

Managed the whole run on 3 Clif bars and some jelly babies and tropical fruit cordial.

Next day we wanted the extra lap for the ultra which we duly achieved at Rancombe Autumn Challenge on about 7:15 hours so a lot of time on our feet.

There were places we had to walk due to how dangerous it was to run together with one of us unsighted! We made it though and my nutrition strategy was basically the same.

There was one tiny difference that made a huge effect and that was having a cold/ warm cup of strong black coffee after the 4th lap so halfway there. This kicked in at the start of lap 6 (of 8) and I felt unstoppable! It really made me feel amazing and capable of anything. Exactly what I needed around that time.

I’m going to experiment with black coffee now and see if I can cut down on the sugars and increase the caffeine!

Right just about to start my new job and sat in the car outside as I was a little early so thought I’d use the time productively and write this right after the weekend.

I’m going to rest a few days then try a little 5 miler Wednesday.

Then see how my hours work in this job and fit my running around it. Need to start seriously running to get ready for my 100 miler in March.

Run safe.


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