Marathons 59 to 63

I KNOW! Every time I promise to write more then I don’t as life gets in the way. I’ll post some pics and explain. First up is the Battle of Britain Marathon at Samphire Hoe– great medal! 2017-10-01 13.26.11.jpg

Then I did one of my favourite marathons in Maidstone

2017-10-28 16.21.39

2017-10-28 15.05.54

Very hilly and all road- took it easy but burnt a few people up at the end which made me happy!

Now I’ve started a new job and it involves driving for an hour to get there and an hour back so I’ve lost my running mojo a little and the whole of November I never ran in training. I did walk at least 30 mins a day (new thing I’m doing) but it took its toll on my stamina.

Big news is my wife and I have both gone plant based – I’m reticent to use the word vegan as we still wear leather shoes and buy products from big companies etc but we’re doing the no meat, dairy and eggs things as we believe they are pumped full of chemical and are inherently bad for us! Also meat farming is barbaric and produces more CO2 than cars, trains and planes put together!

So it was rather apt that I ran on 1st November World Vegan Day and got a lovely medal and did over 30 miles and I felt so wonderful!

2017-11-01 16.41.53

Again it was at Samphire Hoe one of my fave running places.

Next up (6 weeks later) I ran there twice on Saturday and Sunday last weekend with big brilliant medals that have my name on- it’s the Usual Suspects runs I always do- already signed up for 2018!

I also got my Elite Blue Number from SVN which basically means I don’t need to get a number ever again at any of their events I just wear my blue name bib – I had to do 1500 miles too earn it and have been looking forward to it for ages!



I did a marathon each day but had to work after the first Saturday so kept it nice and easy – I did run faster on the second day though which made me happy.

I’ve got Dymchurch Marathon tomorrow where I’m guiding Paul Watts again as it’s a nice flat route and then NYE Challenge on 31st December to end the year!

2018 starts with a marathon of course on New Year’s Day. 

So I duly will try to write these up quicker and more in depth as I’m just breezing over the details – next year I’m aiming to run every day apart from Mondays – my shiny new Brooks Ghost 10s are beautiful too.

2017-11-12 13.31.33

Keep running safely!


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