When I’m 64

Great easy run at Dymchurch, Kent coast for this one and running as a guide for blind runner Paul Watts.

We set off near the back to avoid most of the other runners and we could run at our own pace slowly and safely. Paul was on his 327th marathon today so he’s easy to run with and knows what he’s doing. His times are usually 4:30 to 5 hours depending on terrain and today was flat but windy for 4 miles each 8.75 mile loop.

It was a good run and I enjoy the company as usually I run alone for most marathons which I like sometimes and other times it’s nice to have company as it makes the miles go quicker.

We finished sub 5 and I dropped Paul back at the train station near me where he could get back home easily.

Great medal as always

Tomorrow (NYE) I’m in Deal doing a trail run and then New Year’s Day same place but a road marathon!

My distinct lack of training in November meant I had achy legs around mile 14 to the end but I bit the bullet and just promptly got it done.


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