#64 to #68 and 100 Miler Ahoy!

It’s now March 4th and I realised I have not posted anything since Jan! Even though I’m now not drinking beer so have way more free time, it seems I’m not destined to be one of those post everyday runners and bloggers. More like run everyday and post now and again!

The good news is I’ve managed about 50 miles a week for the last two months, with no injuries or niggles to talk about. Whole food plant based eating is keeping me strong and healthy too. The last week we have had snow so I’ve hiked a little and then today did 7 miles on the treadmill as it’s still a little icy underfoot. I was on a low week anyway as my 💯  miler will be over this time next week! I’ve trained since Jan 2nd so I should be OK… gulp.

Here’s a pic of some snow near us.

Any marathon #64 was 23rd Dec 2017 in Dymchurch as a guide for Paul Watts a blind runner. Was cold but flat that’s all I can say!

Rolling onto this year and I finally managed to do the chocothon! Wanted this medal for 3 years.

As you can see this was my 13th Ultra so I was very happy.

One week later I used my race credits from cancelling NYE and NYD for double fun at Ranscombe Park! It was very very muddy.


Marathon #66 was the usual Winter Challenge but there was no way I could make this an ultra the going was treacherous to say the least. Fun but bloody muddy!


Next day we were spared the railway route which was like ice skating on mud down for a mile with trees and thorns! Luckily I managed to cut the hell out of myself anyway even though we avoided this route. I had fun this run, trying my hardest to catch Enda Cleary (A great runner) in front of me.


I look knackered in this picture! I wasn’t.fullsizeoutput_b56

Gorgeous medal as always. Marathon #67 done.IMG_0718

Old trainers, now retired and in the bin. Loved this run though!

Next run for marathon #68 was Ghost of Roadrunner which meant I got a roadrunner medal from a run I’d never done as they were left over from the last few years. I love the Roadrunner cartoons so was up for this. Also my wife had arranged for us to go and view a house (we’re moving) at 2pm so I had to do about the 4 hour mark to make it. Managed 4:11 as I needed the loo twice and hit 40mph winds for half the run! We’re buying the house I managed to see though so that’s all good!

Love this route it’s mainly flat and all lovely tarmac throughout as it’s a cycle track.


Now that’s a roadrunner medal!

Now did I mention the snow? I was meant to run a marathon this weekend but I was offered the option of not driving to London in bad conditions and postponing it so I did, until May 12th. Never ran all week apart from today- Sunday.

Next stop is my Viking 100 Miler next Saturday. Only in it for the T shirt.

Though the medal is pretty special too!


Now am I going to go for Sub-24? Have I trained enough for Sub-24? Answer is no I haven’t trained enough considering I started on Jan 2nd 2018 BUT OF COURSE I’m going for Sub-24 hours! Last time I managed 25 hours and 17 minutes so I’m going ALL OUT for this. My tactics are as many 5 hour marathons as I can to 75 miles then see what happens! I’ve been training MAF style for 2 months and I reckon a 10:30 to 11 min mile is my option until mile 75 – absolutely no compromise. Then see if I can muster the strength home under 24 hours.

This time next week will see. Little training, massive heart.

Run gently out there.








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