90 and Onwards

Right so 2 blog posts a year!? Madness I knew I was neglecting this but not that much. Here’s a quick glance of what I’ve done since March 2018!

10/03/2018 Viking 100 50 10:30:44 Reculver
08/04/2018 Manchester Marathon 26.2 04:38:25 Manchester
12/05/2018 Top Gun/ Icebird 29.5 05:07:33 London
26/05/2018 Jeskyn’s Mega Challenge 31.1 05:43:12 Jeskyn’s Park
27/05/2018 Jeskyn’s Mega Challenge 31.1 06:11:53 Jeskyn’s Park
02/06/2018 66.6 Omen Ultra 66.6 17 hours Guildford- Maidstone
15/07/2018 Ghost of TZ 26.2 04:28:03 Cyclopark Track
04/08/2018 Phoenix Summer Marathon 26.2 04:19:46 Thames Path
18/08/2018 10 in 10 Cyclopark 27.2 05:04:34 Gravesend
19/08/2018 10 in 10 Cyclopark 27.2 04:58:42 Gravesend
20/08/2018 10 in 10 Cyclopark 27.2 05:07:51 Gravesend
21/08/2018 10 in 10 Cyclopark 27.2 04:36:50 Gravesend
22/08/2018 10 in 10 Cyclopark 27.2 04:47:41 Gravesend
23/08/2018 10 in 10 Cyclopark 27.2 04:33:27 Gravesend
24/08/2018 10 in 10 Cyclopark 27.2 04:27:34 Gravesend
25/08/2018 10 in 10 Cyclopark 27.2 04:39:06 Gravesend
26/08/2018 10 in 10 Cyclopark 27.2 04:37:28 Gravesend
27/08/2018 10 in 10 Cyclopark 27.2 05:10:26 Gravesend
06/10/2018 Jeskyn’s Challenge 50K 04:55:01 Jeskyns
07/10/2018 Autumn Cakeathon 50K 05:09:42 Jeskyns
21/10/2018 Autumn Ranscombe Challenge 26.2 04:32:47 Ranscombe Park
27/10/2018 Beachy Head 26.2 04:52:20 Eastbourne
28/10/2018 Betteshangar  Marathon 26.2 04:55:39 Deal

So I’ve been a little busy… I’m currently on day 44 of a run streak (5k or more a day) and feeling great about it. Tomorrow I’m doing the Remembrance Day Marathon in London. At one point at 11am horns go off and we all stop for 2 minutes to show our respects then when they go off again we carry on. Unique and poignant way of paying our respects for those that fell in the First World War.

I’ve signed up for a 100 Miler in May the Thames Path 100 as my Viking 100 miler went a little pear-shaped when my IT Band played up at Mile 50 so I dropped down to the 24 hour challenge instead. No t shirt or buckle but I did get to go home early and as it was wet, muddy and windy that was good.

Currently at work tonight until 10pm then 1 hours drive home, and hopefully asleep by midnight to be up at 6am to drive to London for my marathon. Been working some mad hours recently which probably is not helping my running but the run streak is helping me get motivation to get up and get out. My aim is to join the Run Streak Association after 365 days! Needed some motivation after my 10 Ultras in 10 Days run in August. Now that was fun! 27.2 miles everyday and it only rained twice! Don’t think I’ll do that again but I am tempted by the 20 in 20 in 2020!!

So I’m very close to 100 marathons now, so close I don’t know when it will be. I missed one today as I’m here at work but there are loads in Dec I want to do so hopefully New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day could be my 100. The way work is interfering with marathon running at the moment it could be later but definitely in January or February 2019. What then?

50 Ultras! Then eventually 100 pure 26.2 marathons and 100 pure Ultras 27 miles or more. Currently on 29 Ultras and 61 marathons if you look at it that way which makes it look like I’ve got my work cut out! It’s a 2 or 3 year plan.

Oh and being vegan is still great and I’m still running better and better on a plant-based diet so no change there! Since moving house in June my wife and I have taken up having a beer now and again but I’m hoping to stop again for a whole year in 2019- all for a little black kitten- long story!


Until then, run safely.




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