Marathon #93 Samphire Hoe Challenge


IMG_2741This run was back at Samphire Hoe near Dover and I was aiming for a nice slow 10 min mile to come home 4:20 ish but when I started I felt really good so just went with it. I kept catching up with the leaders, bit by bit. I think everyone was taking it easy as it was Race 1 of 10 in 10 days for many people.

Taking full advantage of this I kept going a little faster each lap feeling better and better. Eventually I got into 3rd place and was in the process of leaving the aid station before the two leaders when they caught up with me and we ran together. Now James and Simon are far faster runners than me and I was surprised to catch up but they were in for the whole 10 days so they weren’t slacking but neither were they pelting it. They really wanted to come joint first in the 50K hence catching up with me and seeing what distance I was doing.

On a promise of them slowing down we continued together onto marathon distance and I was beginning to feel the pace now and was struggling to keep up. I tried to slow down but Simon wouldn’t let me (in a good way) so I mulled though another lap and set off on lap number 9 for the extra 3.25 miles (50K was then a special route to add a few miles). Just before the half way point I threw in the towel and slowed down. James was on for a 50K PB and I did not want to slow him down and I was struggling big time to keep up, luckily I met Paul and Tara who were having a nice easy day and they let me go with them for this lap and another lap for me to do 10 laps and take first place in the table! My first time!

Struggled with the marathon lap but then lap 10 I felt fine as I knew I was finishing, it could not have come any sooner though!


Marathon #93 was my 30th Ultra and I had a brilliant time. Next day I drove the 2 hours to Bury St Edmunds where I was doing the lighting design for the Panto there so just 5Ks all week as I started each day at 8:30 and finished at 10pm. I found a nice 1.55 mile loop I could do twice for 5K. One day I felt so good (and it was raining) so I ran pretty hard and did a sub 24 min 5K which wasn’t bad for a training run. My 5K PB is 21:47 which was during Whitstable 10K a few years back so technically it’s 22:38 which is my Parkrun record.

Might go back to Parkrun once I get to 100 marathons. Talking about that I’ve just booked and paid for 4 more to take me to 99 around New Years Eve. Don’t know whether to do New Years Day or the Chocothon in January for my 100th. Watch this space!

Until then run safely…

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