Two Vegan Pasty Success

So I went for a curry on Friday and my mate Charlie was talking about going for a run. He also mentioned there’s a bakery near him called Warrens and they do two different vegan pasties! Now as I ran all the way to Faversham for NO pasty the day before I thought this was a given. So I did it. I ran from Whitstable to Canterbury Meeting Charlie at the bakery and buying the original vegan pasty putting the Thai vegan one in my rucksack then I went on a short 2.4 mile run with Charlie then trundled home. … Continue reading Two Vegan Pasty Success

Day 2

Let’s talk nutrition a little. Today I’m back to fat burning for a while so here’s breakfast. It’s 4 eggs (all four had double yolks which was fortunate), 4 chestnut mushrooms, 1 tbs coconut oil, 5 spring onions, 4 rashers decent bacon (no dextrose-check your ingredients), large chilli pepper, torn basil and some coriander, black pepper and sea salt flakes. Served with a side of my own chilli sauce which is cayenne pepper and turmeric mixed in water and a little lime juice. Delicious. About 2 hours afterwards I had about 200g of full fat Greek yoghurt (the real stuff) … Continue reading Day 2