Day 5

My days aren’t consecutive- just saying. Today I had a lie in! Got up at 9am! Now having a strong black coffee and not feeling guilty about deliberately missing Parkrun as I have been tired all week which is very unusual. My legs are feeling heavy and still a little achey but nothing major. I’m not missing having a run which is a good thing though I am really looking forward to my 30 miler next Wednesday! I’m going to try some new nutrition from a British company called 33Shake which is basically chia seeds and natural salt etc and his seems … Continue reading Day 5

Day 2 Contd

Ok quick post but I was recently talking to a friend on Facebook about their sleep deprivation or the fact they are waking up in the middle of the night. Now I know not to look at my phone or watch a film right before bed but here’s a link to an article on it. I don’t know the research or reason but I know I sleep well when I’m not looking at my phone/ TV an hour before bed.  Blue light Currently on a train home from London.  Continue reading Day 2 Contd