Run Streak Day 50

Well it’s positively flown by these last 50 days and I’m still going strong. Today I went for a hilly 10K and loved all of it. I feel stronger and faster and more capable every day! Currently got marathon #92 on Sunday and with some busy work weekends in Dec I don’t think I’ll get to 100 by New Year’s Eve. Still I’m in no hurry so will take my time. Run safely Advertisements Continue reading Run Streak Day 50

Ranscombe Farm and Hugin Challenges

So these two were right after Xmas and Disneyworld weeks so right after three weeks of relative gluttony and excess and certainly too much beer and cheese and not enough running. I know I did marathons on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and the Disney early Jan but that’s not consistent training – that’s just running off my previous training and coasting it. These two were the weekend after I landed from Disney so I’d had not day off and no time to catch up on my sleep/ training. This sounds like I’m warming you all up for … Continue reading Ranscombe Farm and Hugin Challenges